Our roots in Iran date back to early 1970's, with the establishment of Safe Cover Insurance Services. Following the nationalization of insurance companies in Iran and the consequent ban on operation of insurance brokers, Safe Cover ceased its operation in 1981. In the meantime, Abbas Bolurfrushan, one of the founders and the current chairman of APIB established his prestigious Arya Insurance Brokerage in Dubai.


In 1989, the Act of “Managing the Insurance Companies” was passed by the Parliament,  which  paved  grounds  for  insurance  brokers  to  resume rendering services to the clients in public and private sectors. This prompted the founders of APIB to apply for brokerage license in 1993. Backed by its directors’ professional expertise and strong academic knowledge, our company has grown to a full-service brokerage to handle all forms of insurances on behalf of our esteemed clients.

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